Ballet Revolucion

Published May 18, 2012 by jillyb59

Went to see this Cuban Ballet at Peacock Theatre last week. Wonderfully fit young people dancing their socks off. Recommended if yu want a push towards the gym!

Day off with the Barrett Ladies

Published May 9, 2012 by jillyb59

 on 12th April, my sister in law, Jane, and I celebrated Elizabeth’s 24th birthday. We started with lunch at the Blueprint Cafe, sat in the window to enjoy the view of a rather grey Thames rolling by. Lunch was begun with a glass of champagne and we enjoyed some wonderful food, though my Asparagus’ poached egg was a little close to rare (but tasty – I didn’t bother to complain). It wasn’t cheap, but it was a treat. We walked to Tate Modern to see the Damien Hirst exhibition – I enjoyed this much more than I expected, peering into the bi-sected cow to get up close to his stomach. Maybe too many pharmaceutical displays? Once you’ve seen one regimented display of haemorrhoid cream, you seen them all, surely. Animals and fish were more interesting, but it was all thought provoking, even the medical instrument displays. The surprise was how beautiful the diamond-crusted skull was – I could have spent ten minutes just gazing at it. Lighting and dark backdrop helped, but it was truly a covetous object. We ended the day with a cup of tea on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall – the rooftop garden and allotment has a five year lease, which is great news. A rare glimpse of sunshine made a lovely end to the day. Note to Southbank – buy up some vintage cups and saucers – paper cups just don’t cut the mustard!

Herstmonceux stay

Published April 27, 2012 by jillyb59

Patrick, my partner, sang with the Jezebellas (a small lady a cappella singing group) at Hermonceux Castle to launch the craft fair a couple of weekends ago.  We stayed at Cleavers Lyng, a lovely old house (the tree above is in their garden) close to the castle (although not the way I walked!).  The singing was lovely, I bought a fab new handbag, and wished we could have stayed longer. We had to dash back to Forest Hill for a singing workshop with Lester Simpson, which incidentally was well worth it.

Some Outings: Christie Moore, Show of Hands, Guillermo Rosenthaler

Published April 22, 2012 by jillyb59

Christie did a great gig at RFH – this has been an annual outing for me for the last 3 years, and it never palls.  He seemed relaxed and enjoying the audience this time, and Declan seemed to have a slightly more backseat role this time. Oh, we had dinner at the Archduke – reasonably priced and good food.  I’ve never eaten there thinking it was a bit of a tourist trap, but it was very good.  We saw Show of Hands at Royal Albert Hall – courtesy of the NHS (Patrick works for the wonderful institution).  Great fun, and held the audience as well as they did when they played St. George’s Church in Beckenham.  They play songs with a great mix of folk and modern topics. Guillermo is a lovely Argentinian chap who Patrick and I have sung with before, in small groups in Forest Hill.  An inspirational and confidence inspiring teacher.  Appearing in a little church off Bishopsgate called St. Ethelburga’s, he sang a set of Brazilian songs with a small band including a vocalist/percussionist called Mishka.  Beautiful face, lovely voice, and obviously good friends with Guillermo. 

Dinner at Prezzo’s

Published March 30, 2012 by jillyb59

Had dinner last week at Prezzo’s in Beckenham.  Very attentive service, and good food, not unreasonably priced.  Can recommend the Girolles with beef ad Chianti – gorgeous.  Got the impression they try a little harder –  not quite so established a name as Pizza Express, and the competition on this High Street is keen.


Feist at Royal Albert Hall

Published March 30, 2012 by jillyb59

We came straight from a Nunhead Community Choir gig (we sing with them!), and were ready for the prompts Leslie Feist was giving for singing-along.  The harmonic singing (this note for South Londoners, a lower one for Canadians, etc) sounded great, and if we were prompted to sing along mid song, we were ready.  The singers alongside her (Mountain Man) were a presence in their own right, slightly other-worldly in their dress and banging their own drum.  The song they did on their own was great (Let it Die).  A great evening, ending with everyone on their feet and dancing.  Recommended as a life show! Oh, and support was M Ward, perfectly nice, came on unannounced and did not introduce himself, and kind of left little impression on me.  His deconstructed Let’s Dance just highlighted how good the arrangement was by Bowie, but it was, well, nice…